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Totally unorganized school, all they want is your money.

OISE school (Oxford) - SooO horrible, that wow!
If it was not for some professors I would leave. 
They are only nice when they want to enroll you, then they are disrespectful and unprofessional.  If I had a choice I would definitely not enroll here but my parents paid big money for me to study here, I can’t just let them down by quitting now. 
If you looking to pass and not learn anything you can come here. OISE School is one of the reasons why non UK resident’s language skills are so horrible in Oxford University. Why are the students not being allowed to borrow books and return? I understand that this is what our local libraries are for, however, our schools should be a secondary source while our community libraries are always too full. 
As an individual who has had the opportunity to experience both a European and an Bolivian educational system I am highly disappointed in what I was given for an education. But the worst part is where do I have to live. It was good at beginning, nice loc…

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