Totally unorganized school, all they want is your money.

OISE school (Oxford) - SooO horrible, that wow!

If it was not for some professors I would leave. 

They are only nice when they want to enroll you, then they are disrespectful and unprofessional. 
If I had a choice I would definitely not enroll here but my parents paid big money for me to study here, I can’t just let them down by quitting now. 

If you looking to pass and not learn anything you can come here. OISE School is one of the reasons why non UK resident’s language skills are so horrible in Oxford University. Why are the students not being allowed to borrow books and return? I understand that this is what our local libraries are for, however, our schools should be a secondary source while our community libraries are always too full. 

As an individual who has had the opportunity to experience both a European and an Bolivian educational system I am highly disappointed in what I was given for an education.
But the worst part is where do I have to live. It was good at beginning, nice location and friendly people from all over the world. You can have good time in the common area. But It is horrible when the music still on at 4:30am. I was constantly awakened by the noisy, hearing people walking by and speak loudly, can't sleep anymore. I lived in Room 11, so close to the common area. I have never imaged this, like sleeping in a pub with some crazy Russian people who are fighting. 

The same thing is with the food they got there – it’s horrible as well. Be ready to eat somewhere outside, I could not be bothered to get a food poising with their food.  
So big thanks to the Yeti Nepalese,  the Old Bookbinders Ale House and Mamma Mia Jericho that saved me from starving to death.  

The last ugly bit that OISE school are also known to create false positive reviews of themselves on various websites like or whatever so be careful when you look at OISE Oxford  reviews.

Will not come back and recommend to anyone I know. 
Which is a shame for them because I was going to sign up for two more classes.


  1. Don't be suckered into all the possible extras that you could possibly get with OISE.
    You're a lot better off finding a local college, that dont big up their courses.
    Wouldn't use again and wouldn't recommend.
    I've wasted nearly £3000 of my redundancy money, you live and learn.


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